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"Sustainable investing trends are touching every part of the market, and Credit Suisse believes one theme stands out: companies focused on pushing energy-consuming industries like buildings and the transportation sector toward a zero-carbon world. Amid a surge in ESG investing, the firm said these stocks should see increased momentum under President-elect Joe Biden given the former vice president’s ambitious climate targets."

- CNBC Pro,Pippa Stevens, Nov. 22, 2020

For Entrepreneurs


Pioneer Energy Capital is a holding company and consulting business that also invests in early stage cleantech technologies and emerging companies. It is focused on companies located throughout the United States that could benefit from investment, talent acquisition services, planning, and a proven sales and delivery channel.

Areas of interest include companies that are focused on innovations in lighting, HVAC, building envelope, green IT, renewable energy, water conservation, and other electrical improvements. The technology must be demonstrated, proven and serve to reduce energy consumption. It must also be commercially viable.

The companies we typically partner with and invest in have a product or service that is capable of providing a less than 5 year simple payback to the end user. Additionally we look for companies with revenues of $1M or more that are motivated to achieve significant growth.

PEC is also looking for those aspiring entrepreneurs who aim to lead and grow an early stage business. If you have a proven track record of very high performance in leading a cleantech business, PEC has leadership positions and equity opportunities available.